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This Demand Gen Jam Session is focused on leveraging AI in B2B marketing, moving beyond theory to practical, real-world applications. This session is crucial for marketers looking to integrate AI into their strategies effectively. Host Paul Slack walks through 9 tactical use cases for applying AI to boost B2B marketing performance. Learn how Vende Digital leverages tools like Claude, ChatGPT, Jasper, and Fathom to unlock valuable insights from customer data, create highly-relevant content, optimize ads, and more.

Paul provides real examples of prompts and frameworks Vende uses daily to extract voice of the customer insights, ideate persona-aligned content topics, repurpose top-performing content, analyze ad results to identify improvements, and generate multi-channel campaigns tailored to buyer personas.

Key takeaways covered include the importance of using multiple AI tools together to maximize strengths, being transparent about AI use, starting with existing high-value content vs. generic repurposing, inviting AI into your proven demand gen pillars, and tracking ROI diligently.

If you want actionable techniques for integrating AI across your B2B marketing to drive efficiency and performance, this jam session provides practical guidance directly from Vende's hands-on experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI as a Raw Material: Understanding AI's role as a tool needing skilled manipulation to produce desired marketing outcomes.
    Selecting AI Tools: Insights on choosing the best AI tools for content creation, data analysis, and marketing automation.
  • Content Personalization with AI: Strategies to use AI for creating persona-centric content, enhancing engagement and relevance.
  • Repurposing Content with AI: Techniques to transform existing content into new, persona-focused formats, maximizing your content's potential.
  • Practical AI Applications: Demonstrations of how AI can create marketing campaigns, generate content ideas, and optimize content for specific personas.