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This month's Demand Gen Jam Session focuses on the top-ranking factors and strategies for B2B SEO success in 2024 with special guest and B2B SEO expert, Jesse McFarland
The key B2B SEO ranking opportunities covered include:
  • Improving technical website SEO through seamless user experience, fast page speeds, and optimizing for mobile-first indexing.
  • On-page optimization by targeting primary keywords, aligning to user search intent, and refining/refreshing existing content using AI.
  • Creating quality content that combines AI and human inputs for uniqueness. Tips shared include using multiple AI tools, adding original perspectives, custom images/videos and optimizing metadata.
  • Structuring content through internal linking, breadcrumbs, updated schema markup and ensuring proper indexing.
  • Building links and domain authority through shareable/interactive content, getting listed on industry sites, generating reviews, and podcast guesting
  • Preparing for Google's Search Generative Experience and optimizing for zero-click searches.
Key Quotes:

"If your website or webpage and the content show that you are the biggest expert or the best expert, you have the most experience and your site or your webpage has more authority and trust than your competitors, then you're in a position to do very well on SEO."

"SEO is still like the primary focus on how people find your website or find your brand online."

Tips Mentioned:
  • Use Google Lighthouse to audit site performance
  • Leverage Google Search Console data on queries and pages to identify content refresh opportunities
  • Structure content in a hub (main page) and spoke model to concentrate authority
  • Be a podcast guest to earn high-value backlinks
Tools Recommended:
  • Jasper
  • SEMRush
  • BrightEdge
  • ScreamingFrog
  • SpyFu
  • SE Ranking
  • ChatGPT
  • SEO Wind
  • Yoast SEO