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In this insightful session, hosts Paul Slack and Ryan Miller unpack the complicated challenges around attribution in B2B marketing. They explore why proving marketing's value has become so difficult with fragmented buyer journeys and misaligned sales and marketing metrics. Core obstacles covered include lack of cross-channel visibility, tunnel vision departmental reporting, leadership pressure, and analysis paralysis from massive stacks.

Ryan shares an attribution maturity framework plotting the progression from tactical metrics to real revenue impact. He emphasizes that good attribution is an iterative journey - not a single project - towards cementing marketing's place driving growth. Further topics detail balancing software with real qualitative insights on demand drivers, the importance of unified revenue teams, and distilling metrics chaos into clarity for decisions. 

Show Notes/Concepts Covered:

  • Attribution Challenges: Cross-channel complexity, metric misalignments between sales and marketing, lack of journey visibility, pressure from leadership
  • Why Attribution Matters: Placing better marketing bets, managing budgets, proving value
  • Attribution Maturity Spectrum: Progression from proving value → instilling confidence → trusted growth partner
  • Software vs Qualitative Attribution: Limitations of software tracking alone, augmenting with organic insights
  • Unified Revenue Teams: Bridging sales and marketing via shared KPIs, integrated ABM
  • Vanity vs Meaningful Metrics: Focusing marketing on business outcomes not tactical outputs
  • Ongoing Analytics Development: Attribution as continuous journey not one-time initiative