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In this month's Demand Gen Jam Session, our hosts, Paul Slack and Ryan Miller, are joined by a special guest, Ryan Gibson, founder of ContentLift. Together, they discuss the implications of the demise of 3rd party cookies on B2B marketing and what it means for B2B marketers going forward. The session will focus on the opportunities and challenges of adapting B2B marketing strategies in a post-cookie world.

Key topics and tactics covered include:

  • Understanding the differences between 1st party cookies (staying) and 3rd party cookies (going away)
  • Why 3rd party cookie deprecation is happening
  • How B2B marketers' over-reliance on 3rd party data as a "cookie crutch" and the need to refocus on 1st party data
  • Leveraging a mix of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, with 1st party data being the most valuable for deep customer insights
  • Viewing the death of 3rd party cookies as a chance to get back to marketing fundamentals 
  • Maximize 1st party data collection through forms, events, sales interactions, and other owned channels.
  • Implement progressive profiling to gather more information about prospects over time gradually.
  • Use 1st party data to deliver personalized content experiences demonstrating deep customer understanding.
  • Conduct customer interviews to uncover insights for creating highly relevant, valuable content.
  • Develop a content marketing strategy around core pillars that establish your expertise and make you the go-to resource early in the buying journey.
  • Leverage events (online and in-person) to engage with prospects, gather data, and build relationships.
  • Embrace social selling to share helpful content, interact with potential customers, and stay top-of-mind.
  • Optimize SEO to earn visibility and organic traffic from your target audiences.
  • Add chatbots to your website to interact with visitors, answer questions, and guide them through the customer journey.
  • Join the Demand Gen Jammers LinkedIn group to swap ideas with other B2B marketers adapting to a post-cookie world.

Key Quotes:

"Digital is not a competitive advantage. The new competitive advantage is who can out market and out communicate and out message their competitor."

"If you can understand all the ways [customers] get stuck, even if it's not your solution, but you can provide answers and you can provide value and you can provide guidance, you are going to be the first vendor on that shortlist."