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In this insightful session, Paul Slack and Andrea Talamantes discuss the latest trends and strategies for LinkedIn advertising in 2024. They explore the purpose of social media ads, emphasizing the importance of winning mindshare rather than focusing solely on transactional outcomes. Andrea delves into new LinkedIn ad features and full-funnel campaign strategies and provides valuable tips for optimizing LinkedIn ad performance.

Key Takeaways:
  • LinkedIn ads are crucial for B2B marketing due to their highly targeted nature and access to professional first-party data.
  • New LinkedIn ad types for 2024 include:
  • Connected TV (CTV) ads
    • Live event ads
    • Thought leader ads (now available for non-company members)
    • Enhanced conversational ads
    • Article post ads (promoting LinkedIn newsletter content)
  • A full-funnel LinkedIn ad strategy should include:
    • Top of funnel: Video ads, single image ads, and thought leadership ads
    • Middle of funnel: Document ads, video ads, and event ads
    • Bottom of funnel: Conversational ads and gated document ads
  • Leverage LinkedIn's extensive retargeting options, including website visitors, company page engagement, and ad engagement.
  • Use the LinkedIn Ads Library to research competitor campaigns and gain inspiration for your own ads.
  • Analyze LinkedIn's demographic reporting to refine your targeting and improve campaign performance.
  • Consider using LinkedIn lead gen forms to increase conversion rates by up to 3x compared to traditional landing pages.
  • Balance ad frequency and creative variety to maintain audience engagement without becoming repetitive.
  • Focus on creating compelling, human-centric content that resonates with your B2B audience, moving beyond traditional "boring" B2B marketing.
  • Regularly review and adjust your LinkedIn ad strategy based on performance data and audience insights to maximize ROI.