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Social Selling Action Plan - A Comprehensive Guide

Step by Step Plan for Engaging Prospects at Key Moments in the Decision Process

Sales & Marketing Leaders, if are you looking for a competitive edge to keep your team top of mind and set them up as trusted advisors with their prospects, then social selling could be the answer.

Social selling will add value throughout the sales journey by:

  • Building deeper relationships with customers and prospects.
  • Helping sellers Identifying new prospects and opportunities.
  • Amplifying content marketing efforts — buyers are 3X more likely to trust, 8X more likely to engage, and 24X more likely to share content provided by people known to them (your sales reps) than content posted by your company.

This comprehensive guide will help you maximize your sales efficiency. It is broken into two sections; on for the marketing department and the other section specifically for sale reps. You will want to share this with your entire team.. Fill the form out today to get instant access to our Social Selling Action Plan!